Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hey! Guess what! We are in the news again! This time it's for something even more exciting! We have finally started something we have been talking about doing for years. I have been so excited with all the planning and even got to come up with the logo for our new non-profit organization to better our community and help kids and families. It's crazy how timing works out. I know that God has his fingerprints all over this one! I recently attended an EFY Express, it was amazing! The first speaker went around asking a lot of the youth what they could do to change the world. Some of the answers were things like: I don't know, I will smile, I can be a better me, and things like that. He didn't ask  me, but I want to share my feelings and what I would have told him. I would have said that I could put my phone down, I could look around me,
and watch for opportunities to brighten someone's day. I can choose how I let things effect me and I can choose how I react. I can focus on the negative or I can focus on the positive side of things. I can share my talents and the things that make me happy in life. Also about the timing thing, last minute I had the chance to sing "Opportunity" for that huge group of over 600 youth in our community. (Song Link)
Sunday we had a lesson in young women's that made me smile. It's a little bit funny how you can say a prayer and then if you are sincere the answers you were looking for will come to you. You just have to really listen. Sometimes it's not at all what you were expecting! This lesson was given by an amazing woman who has overcome some of life's most challenging struggles. She inspires me because she is passionate about life and what she shares to help others through her experiences. She shared a video of a guy who was in a car accident with his family on Christmas Eve. His wife and two children did not make it. He had to tell his oldest son who was in a hospital bed that they were left alone. His son told him that it would be okay because they would always be a family. They chose to inspire the world with their story. (You can find this story at We all are given choices to make in life. Each choice we make usually effects someone else. We don't often think about the effect that we might have contributed in other peoples lives. Each choice we make makes our world a little worse or a little better. I believe that people who experience more trials in their life have the potential to be the strongest! Life is what we make it. One of the ways my mom and I like to get through trials is to write. Sunday I was also reminded of a song my mom wrote called "We'll Make it Through the Sand." I will share the first part of the song:
  ( I believe in miracles, they happen everyday -
   So I gotta keep my head up here along the way.
  When trials seem so heavy and I can't bare the weight,
   I know that heavens only a little prayer away.
   I asked for a rainbow on a clear and sunny day-
  They all called me crazy, till they saw I got my way.
  So I'm still here believing- yeah- I'm holding on-
   And I'm still busy writing- your story is my song.
  So when your faith is slipping- I will hold your hand.
  And with one set of footprints-we'll make it through the sand.)
I believe that everyone has a purpose. I'm excited because our family has chosen to help change the world for the better! We have just launched our new non-profit organization "Foster Love 4 Kids" for this exact reason. TO HELP THE LOST KIDS IN OUR WORLD have a new OPPORTUNITY to recognize their talents and build them, to gain confidence as they find their GLORIOUS PURPOSE in life, and focus on positives.(Glorious link) Here is the link to our newspaper article and also to a donation site with a piece of my older sister Rochelle's story. She surprised our parents by starting a new fundraiser to help them start this non-profit organization out BIG!!!! Please read and share this as many places that you can and help us change our community and world for the better! Every little donation helps and I personally am so thankful to all of those who are helping and who are willing to help! 
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