Thursday, February 5, 2015


Hey! Guess what! We are in the news again! This time it's for something even more exciting! We have finally started something we have been talking about doing for years. I have been so excited with all the planning and even got to come up with the logo for our new non-profit organization to better our community and help kids and families. It's crazy how timing works out. I know that God has his fingerprints all over this one! I recently attended an EFY Express, it was amazing! The first speaker went around asking a lot of the youth what they could do to change the world. Some of the answers were things like: I don't know, I will smile, I can be a better me, and things like that. He didn't ask  me, but I want to share my feelings and what I would have told him. I would have said that I could put my phone down, I could look around me,
and watch for opportunities to brighten someone's day. I can choose how I let things effect me and I can choose how I react. I can focus on the negative or I can focus on the positive side of things. I can share my talents and the things that make me happy in life. Also about the timing thing, last minute I had the chance to sing "Opportunity" for that huge group of over 600 youth in our community. (Song Link)
Sunday we had a lesson in young women's that made me smile. It's a little bit funny how you can say a prayer and then if you are sincere the answers you were looking for will come to you. You just have to really listen. Sometimes it's not at all what you were expecting! This lesson was given by an amazing woman who has overcome some of life's most challenging struggles. She inspires me because she is passionate about life and what she shares to help others through her experiences. She shared a video of a guy who was in a car accident with his family on Christmas Eve. His wife and two children did not make it. He had to tell his oldest son who was in a hospital bed that they were left alone. His son told him that it would be okay because they would always be a family. They chose to inspire the world with their story. (You can find this story at We all are given choices to make in life. Each choice we make usually effects someone else. We don't often think about the effect that we might have contributed in other peoples lives. Each choice we make makes our world a little worse or a little better. I believe that people who experience more trials in their life have the potential to be the strongest! Life is what we make it. One of the ways my mom and I like to get through trials is to write. Sunday I was also reminded of a song my mom wrote called "We'll Make it Through the Sand." I will share the first part of the song:
  ( I believe in miracles, they happen everyday -
   So I gotta keep my head up here along the way.
  When trials seem so heavy and I can't bare the weight,
   I know that heavens only a little prayer away.
   I asked for a rainbow on a clear and sunny day-
  They all called me crazy, till they saw I got my way.
  So I'm still here believing- yeah- I'm holding on-
   And I'm still busy writing- your story is my song.
  So when your faith is slipping- I will hold your hand.
  And with one set of footprints-we'll make it through the sand.)
I believe that everyone has a purpose. I'm excited because our family has chosen to help change the world for the better! We have just launched our new non-profit organization "Foster Love 4 Kids" for this exact reason. TO HELP THE LOST KIDS IN OUR WORLD have a new OPPORTUNITY to recognize their talents and build them, to gain confidence as they find their GLORIOUS PURPOSE in life, and focus on positives.(Glorious link) Here is the link to our newspaper article and also to a donation site with a piece of my older sister Rochelle's story. She surprised our parents by starting a new fundraiser to help them start this non-profit organization out BIG!!!! Please read and share this as many places that you can and help us change our community and world for the better! Every little donation helps and I personally am so thankful to all of those who are helping and who are willing to help! 
Fundraiser Link:
  Spectrum Link:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JESSICA ...the coolest sister in all the land!

So I have the coolest little sister in all the land! Her name is Jessica Smart. She chose her husband because she wanted to always be SMART!
That makes me happy:)
When we were little Jess would follow me around everywhere. She was my little sidekick!
I was so protective of her and she really could do no wrong! She would bounce on my stomach and our mom would get so worried and I would say in my squeaky little voice  " she's fine don't worry mom, she's my sister!"
Then I went through a "too cool" stage that I regret. I wasn't the nicest sister. BUT Soon after we became close again and this time I really depended on her! Since then I have depended on her so much! She is always there when I need anything and believes in me. She is extremely talented and shares her gift with everyone! It's a good thing because I don't know how far we would have gotten with these mop chops..
 She makes the world more beautiful! She also has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh.
 Jess supports me in all of my endeavors, the silly ones, the hard ones, and the brilliant ones too! These days I feel lucky to be HER sidekick!
I feel privileged to go places with her, everyone knows her and everyone loves her!
Jess just had her first little child a few short weeks ago and she is the BEST little mama! It has been so amazing to see her grow and naturally go from BUSINESS to MAMA! She has always been very motherly, don't get me wrong, but she went from teaching color classes all over and working non stop... to giving every minute to this precious little baby!
She is a great aunt to ALL of our kids. 
Today is her special day! The day of her birth! and I just gotta say ....... I'm SO glad she was born!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you sis!! I hope your day is amazing, you are one year older and of course wiser! 
Love Tiff

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A new Hip for a cool guy!

You know that dream dad? The guy who is always so supportive and is crazy fun. The guy who works hard to provide and does it because he loves his kids and wife.... Well THAT was our dad growing up! ... ONLY BETTER!!
He always did everything in a BIG way! 
I remember family home evenings where he would dress up. He would use a whole bottle of fake tanning lotion, lots of war paint, and make a bow and arrow and a loin cloth to wear just to get a scripture story across to us!.. Don't even ask about Elvis on my Birthday, or a gorilla that popped out and made me pee my pretty girl pants one year..
I don't think I realized at the time how great we had it! I didn't have to because I didn't know any different, until I grew up. That is when reality set in, that he really was one in a million! 
I always knew we all joked about his past, he grew up in Boston, Mass. and only had one ear when an older drunk neighbor threw a hatchet at him and tried to kill him, but it only took his ear off and swiped the side of his head as he ducked. He had a father who was an orphan as a child, then grew up and was welcomed into  the Mafia. He  had never been taught what a good relationship was so he never had one until later in his life.  
My dad was left at the age of 14 roaming the streets alone. He lost his little brother in a gang fight, ( bullies back there) He dropped out of school and luckily the missionaries found him when he followed his mother to Utah years later. 
His story is awesome and unbelievable really.. But what I really wanted to share from this is that my dad beat the odds. Most people who grew up in an abusive home, with broken relationships, and a lot of trauma, become  just that. It shows in their relationships and actions and some use it as an excuse.. They were not taught, and it's hard to break habits!
Well our dad, papa Paul, CHOSE to do things right despite his past! 
In doing Foster Care for the past 10 years we have seen a lot! We have seen a lot of pain, abuse, neglect, excuses,carelessness, lies, etc.
It has really opened my eyes! On the positive side, we also  have witnessed miracles, hope, forgiveness, love, humility, and healing too.
It all has made me think about my own dad's strength! He overcame his past and did not let it define who he was! He not only never touched us kids in a harmful way, but he was an overachiever because he was truly the greatest dad in the world!!!!!!
I have watch my dad serve people with a smile over the years and I think that is one of the greatest blessings he has given me. A love for service! 
I watch him confidently share his testimony and love for our savior everywhere he goes! He makes life fun!! He is one of the most honest men I know! I've watched him rely on our Father in Heaven in the hardest of times and still made life fun for me and my siblings!  I watched him stand firm against doctors and family when he received revelation at a time my mom was dying after the delivery of my twin baby sisters.He was told a hysterectomy was the only chance to save her life. He  KNEW that was not the answer so he told them no! How scary that must have been, being an awesome dad, to keep us happy, but realize how close we were to loosing her too as the babies slipped back into the heavens. The pressure was all on him! Well I'm glad he chose to follow what he knew was true and hold out for a miracle, so is my little brother Joey who would probably would not have been here if he would have caved and approved of the hysterectomy to save our moms life! 
I love his confidence in everything he does, because he does things quite goofy! BUT for having F.A.S.D, he IS A MIRACLE!!
Our dad sold his dream BIKE so he could stop working for months to take care of my grandma as she was dying. He is the most selfless guy I know ( besides my husband;) 
Now he is up north, he had surgery this morning to replace his hip. I am watching videos of him right after surgery and I am a little envious of the staff up there at his bed side because he is HILARIOUS! It is THEIR job to help him be comfortable, and take care of him, BUT he chooses to make the best out of every situation and cares to make other people's day a little better! So he is helping them smile as they work! I'm sure they will never forget him. And if I know him as well as I think I do, I'm sure he is secretly tipping them;) I will say that now and then he does talk a little loud mafia and freaks a few people out, but he's gotta flaw somewhere right?!! Thanks Daddy, for being YOU!!! Get well quickly, WE LOVE YOU!! 
Ps you rock that hospital gown😁
Love, Tiff

Saturday, January 24, 2015

SPEECHLESS......A surprise gift that has changed our life...

For those of you who know me I'm not often at a loss of words.  Like hardly ever.
But as I have gone over yesterday in my mind, over and over, all I can come up with so far is Speechless....
I try to find words to adequately fit yesterday and my feelings and they seem to all jumble together.
So I will try as best I can to find the right words to express the feelings I have been feeling. ( luckily the pics say it best this time, I'm an emotional girl and I wear my emotion on my sleeve, or face;)
I can truly say that I have dreamed of feeling really surprised. I usually have some sort of control over situations I guess, or I think I do at least!:)
But this time, I can honestly say I was SHOCKED! I had so many emotions rush through my body.
It felt unreal and like I seriously must be in the beginning of some weird dream, usually when I convince myself it's a dream I do some silly, funky thing because it's MY DREAM and I like to have some fun.... Well I'm really super glad I didn't start stripping down or dancing like I'm a rockstar, or performing front hand springs for the homeless,  because this dream was REAL LIFE!!!!
It seemed so unreal and as I looked around I was so overwhelmed. I love people! I love our town! I felt dizzy, a little nauseous,  I felt exuberating excitement and was going to possibly  throw up!;) I felt small bouts of guilt and sadness knowing there are people who don't have hardly anything and I just want to give them EVERYTHING! I gotta say, I felt a little inadequate.
I felt overwhelming gratitude for everyone who has helped us with our not so normal endevours.
I think that's why I lack words, I'm overwhelmed with feelings for each person who has contributed, supported, reached out, and for those who have gone out of their way to make a HUGE DREAM of mine come true!!
How do I thank you all?!
I can't express the excitement of each one of our kids here who have not left the big VAN OF LOVE alone! They have room to move and the coolest part... WE CAN ALL GO PLACES TOGETHER!!! We don't have to have a train of cars following each other anymore!!
So sincerely, thank you, ALL of you!  We plan to pay it forward and can't wait to start our non profit and help do this for other families! We have big plans and dreams and I know dreams can come true if you believe and do good things!
I love you Jess, I have the best sister in the world. My brother in law is one of the coolest guys I know and always so supportive and coming up with good ideas and resourceful. My parents are rock solid and have taught us how to follow our Savior, to be true and honest, and to  serve with a smile.
Our friends and family are the BEST!
Switch Point, Steven Wade, Elevation Fitness, Utah Foster Care, the Stirling Family, St. George News...
Thank you.
I will drive it proud!:) ~ Tiffany McDonald

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Cold Hard Truth..AND how foster care has changed me forever

Let's face it, people are afraid of change. We worry about the unknown and the "what if's" in life, but seriously, if we don't take chances, and pray to have courage to follow the spirit, we will never reach our full potential.
I remember a talk given at this last conference that really stood out to me given by Elder Carlos. A. Godoy.
He talked about this very thing. He said we all experience great questions in our life. He spoke of how at a point of his life where he stopped and pondered on his Patriarchal blessing and took another look at his life. He decided to look at what was  just "good" and find ways how he could make it better.  He chose to want best instead of just settling for just good. He referred to a talk given by Elder Dallin H Oaks and quoted
 "As we consider various choices, we should remember that it is not enough that something is good. Other choices are better, and still others are best." He then listed these principles to help us know how to make the best choice.
We need to consider our options with the "end" in mind.
We need to be prepared for the challenges that will come.
We need to share this vision with the people we love.
I love this! I love it because it helps me stop and think about things that truly matter, we often are so caught up in  things that are just eating our time away! It helps me want to re-commit myself. It helps me think about all of the blessings in my life and the miracles that have changed our  lives through service.
We need to share this gospel, we have got to so that everyone can have the opportunity to feel the comfort and warm loving feeling that fills your soul with goodness from Heaven.. My mom calls it Hugs from Heaven.  I want the world to know that Heavenly Father loves each one of us individually and has a special plan made just for us. I Know it because of these guys....

This is my family. Yes, there are A LOT of us!!! Each with a unique story of our birth and journey that lead us to one another.
My name is Lainee McDonald and I'd like to share with you a piece of my story, and how we became a family. I hope to inspire you so that you will also share my story, and your own story to inspire many more people!
My older Foster sisters and I recently submitted letters to the Ellen Degeneres show and what we shared really sparked an interest with them!
They have since been in contact with our family and are asking for all the news paper articles, news, pictures of the billboards my parents are on, and lots of info on our family! I LOVE that we can inspire and help even people in Hollywood feel a tiny piece of Gods infinite love for his children.
I am 14 years old and I believe in miracles. I have a testimony that miracles happen everyday and sometimes we miss out, we don't recognize them if we do not keep focused, show gratitude, and try to live each day with a more eternal perspective.
I love the new theme for this year! D&C 4:2
"Therefore O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day."
I think about how that scripture applies to my life now, and how I can better apply it to my life from now on. The plan really wasn't meant to always be easy. Serving with all our hearts, might, mind, and strength. That sounds tiring! It doesn't sound easy, but I believe it will ALL be worth it. If you work hard for something, I think you appreciate it more. It becomes more valuable than something that is just given to you for nothing. I've seen blessings from hard work pay off! I think of the examples in my life.
My parents are quick to come to mind, although the they are certainly not perfect:) I have watched over the years of their Christ like service as they put all of their faith in the lord. Especially the time they made a drastic, life changing decision together that would change our family forever. They prayed to be lead by the spirit and that they would have the courage to follow through.
When I was only 6 years old my young parents were inspired by the spirit to do something strange, that although they had 4 young children, they both knew that our family was not complete. Miracles happened as they prayed and were lead to the decision to do Foster care. (this story in itself is absolutely amazing and the miracles that took place are undeniable we will have to share it sometime!) Never in their wildest ( and I say wildest for a few reasons;) dreams did they ever think they would add 2 teenage girls, with troubles into our lives, let alone into our home! Bringing in baggage or trials that we had always been sheltered from.
They were certainly afraid for all of the " what ifs" and "unknowns."
They prayed even harder when they KNEW their answer was to add these girls to our family.
Now let me tell you that both sides of our family, mom's side and dad's side are very protective to say the least. They have always been very close.
When they found out about these two girls they were absolutely worried and feared they would hurt or "change us."
They were the "rational ones", and their only mission was the need to protect us little kids, their biological grandkids, nieces, and nephew. That's all they could think about and made sure to let my parents know their feelings about it.
Which made it extra hard on my parents, when they had to follow what they knew true to be the spirit, and they went ahead and welcomed Rosalee and Rochelle into our home and family at the beginning of 2007.
They did sit us little kids down and ask for our support, and made sure we knew that no matter what we would never loose our place in our family. They told us that big sisters would be fun for sure but also very difficult at times. I excepted, the others were a bit to young to really understand I think.
For the next seven years I watched and learned a lot. Sometimes I hated it. Sometimes I would see my mom crying in her room pleading to Our Heavenly Father for help, especially when my dad was away at work every two weeks and she didn't know what she was doing or how to fix a problem that occurred often.
I remember watching our family work through problems with sincere prayers and communication. ( sometimes right after a yelling match:) And then just like after any big storm, right when you want to let go because you can't take anymore, miracles came just like a rainbow.
After each blow up or mistake or mis communication, with Heavenly Fathers help, everyone became a little bit stronger. We grew a stronger family bond. ( don't get me wrong, satin still snuck in like a sly little fox everytime someone left the door the slightest bit cracked) but with Heavenly Fathers help, and sincere parents who would not give up, we grew into a real family.
I learned that really, it's not possible without Heavenly Father. It scares me to think of those living without the knowledge of him, or those that have chosen not to seek his help and guidance.
My older sisters graduated high school with strait A's. They grew a higher sense of self worth from my parents helping them find and focus on their talents and interests. They taught them the gospel and helped them recognize the sweet confidence that can only come from incorporating, honoring, and serving our Father in Heaven in our lives each day.
Rosalee grew up and chose to serve a mission, she just returned home from the Tampa Florida Spanish mission. She is going to Dixie State and working as a pediatric dental assistant. Rochelle was baptized and is currently going to school also. She is a nurse, and guess what!
It DID change us, it changed all of us, for the better. My big sisters are always there for me, I really can't imagine what our lives would be like without them in our family. It has changed me, it has changed my little siblings, it has changed my parents, it has changed our extended family, it has changed my older sisters,and so many more! We are more aware, more grateful, for everything. I feel more love for others , I think we have all been less selfish because we had to be, but partly because we want to be now.
I think of how so many other things have happened as a result of that one phone call my parents did not turn away out of fear when they were asked to take two teenage girls. Blessings we would not have known we were missing out on at that the fact that
now, I have the most adorable little brother Justin,

He is very strong;)He is autistic and delayed. We got to be sealed to him in the temple last December. I think about how he has changed our entire world ( I love him even though he is a little punk sometimes and so difficult) and how we only got the call to take him because my parents were so well known in the community and with the state from doing commercials and billboards and news clips for teens in foster care. (Another blessing from their service to help find more awesome families )
I've learned that one simple decision can change not only one persons life, but countless lives for generations.
I've learned that before my parents, Rosalee had never known that parents roles should be equal. That the true priesthood example that our dad has chosen to honor and exemplify, as he has humbly stood by and supported our mom in everything she does, that has changed Rosalee's entire outlook on life. Looking at it from her point of view has now helped me too. What she may have settled for before, I am certain she will not come close to as she has raised her standards to marry someone like our dad.
I've learned that even though my family is huge, and different, with a variety of cultures and crazy schedules, they are mine and I love them more than anything!!
I listen to my mom talk of her patriarchal blessing and how amazing things have happened just as her blessing said almost 20 years ago when received it, she had no clue at the time what those things meant! But Heavenly Father knew. He truly has a plan for each one of us, he knows our true potential and he is very patient.
It makes me want to prepare and get my own special blessing this year!
If we can take time to sit back and watch, to ponder, we can learn awesome things from those we love. We are promised amazing blessings now as well as in the future if we just try to be like Jesus everyday a little bit more than the day before.
I want everyone to ask themselves how they can serve one of God's children each day. It may be in a big way like becoming a foster family, and it just may be being mindful of someone at school.
You will know what you are meant to do if you just listen, you will feel a warm feeling of love that will confirm and then it's up to you to change the world by following through.
To read my sister's letters and meet our family visit our blog Munchkins and Miracles. Thanks, Lainee McDonald

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Can't Help Falling In Love....

I love Christmas time. I love the feeling and spirit of it. I love the lights and trees and music. I love family time and driving around drinking hot chocolate and looking for a manger with the little baby Jesus in it to remind the kids what it's all about.
I love watching ELF and making treats and singing at the top of our lungs as we dance around the house like we are ridiculously awesome eating half of the treats we were planning on taking around to neighbors and friends...
 This being said, deep down in the pit of my stomach is an uneasiness. I feel pain. Pain for the little ones who are hurting. Although I see the pain, I also see a glimmer of hope in their eyes hoping that this Year will be the year their wishes will finally come true. This is part of the reason I decided to help in raising other mothers' children. Unconditional love is hard. It's hard because you have to constantly remind yourself to see things on a higher level. You have to take time to try to understand things that are happening and why they may be happening. It becomes a little more natural as time goes by, but it really is something that you need to consistently self check. In the process of taking in the little ones who are in our home, somewhere in that time, I fell in love. Now you go into this knowing that you are there to help fill these children's needs until the court and team make necessary decisions that will eventually determin the child's fate. I think foster parents are incredible to be able to take a broken child into their home and figure out how to give them their basic needs and most importantly love them the way they need to be loved. Most people would subconsciously block their hearts from being hurt knowing these children could be taken at any given time because they are NOT YOURS, they are on loan to you. But the good ones, they don't block their heart from loving, they fall in love. They become a mentor and friend in a time of complete despair. They willingly put themselves in a position to have their heart broken in a chance to help mend someone else's. So to all my friends out their who open their homes and hearts, thank you and I LOVE YOU! I know that the Lord has his fingerprints on the plans because there is no possible way that we could do this without his help.... At times it's terrible, but the rainbow never fails to make it's way through... And miracles fall into place. Now the other night I couldn't sleep. I was certainly tired, but my mind wouldn't shut off. I lay in bed and played a song that Lainee had just recorded. I love her music and her voice has a way of calming me. As I listened to this song that I have played over and over I really listened to the words this time. " Wise men say only fools rush in, But I can't help falling in love with you. Like a river flows surly to the sea, Darling so it goes somethings are meant to be. Take my hand ... Take my whole life too, cuz I can't help falling in love with you." Something about Lainee's pure raw voice singing this night with the flood of thoughts running through my head, thinking about the upcoming trial I will be asked to testify in about the things the kids have told me in trust; my emotions got the best of me. I cried like a baby. I felt the words of the song pierce my soul. I am a fool then , because I truly love these kids, I have fallen in love with them and the amazing little beings that they are! All of us wonder where these precious children will be when Santa comes this year. Either way the permanency of the judges words will leave some pain I'm sure. But two things I am certain of as I write this. I am truly and humbly  thankful for God's finger prints in my life, And somewhere along this road, I have fallen in love and no matter the outcome of the judges final decision in this case, my heart is forever changed from letting it love.
~ Tiffany.         Click here 👉LAINEE'S SONG 👈Click here

Monday, November 10, 2014

Listening to the little voice...

We all have that little voice in our head that guides us through our lives, some call it intuition, some say they are inspired by it. Because of my faith, I call it the still small voice, or my comforter. Through my religion I have come to know the comforter as one of my best friends. I cannot see him, but when I am down he comforts me. When I am frustrated he calms me. When I am in trouble he warns me. He prompts me to do things I may not normally do by my own choice. He helps me grow in ways I could never have imagined possible. How do you have a relationship with someone you can't see you may ask? We'll I would like to share my story with you as I start this new blog. It will help me keep a journal of the amazing miracles and trials that have changed my life and family forever. My hope is that they will change a piece of you too. I will write segments as they come back to my mind and new ones that may come in between. My name is Tiffany McDonald. I have lived in Southern Utah most of my life. Never would I have ever imagined growing up to raise four of my own beautiful children, but also help in raising many more wonderful children brought into this world by other mothers who came across difficult situations or tragedies that lead the children to our door step. Our home is a small, old one that often needs fixing, but it is a happy one. People who come into our humble home say they feel the love here and feel welcomed immediately. I sure hope so because that is what I feel I have to offer in this life. I have to say that we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful, most wonderful place where everyone is so quick to lend a hand. We have good old fashion neighbors who help out and have chosen not to judge us for our out of the normal choices and sudden additions to our big family. The Schools where our kids attend is filled with teachers that truly care about the kids and their education and go above and beyond to help meet personal needs. I can't imagine raising all of our amazing kids anywhere else! I'm thankful to the Foster Care Foundation here in St George and DCFS here and in Cedar City for their support and what they do for the kids in need. My goal is to share my experience as a foster mom and to inspire more people to learn more about foster care and how they can make a difference in a child's life. My plan was never to take teenagers from different walks of life into our home, especially with four little kids. We were so scared of all the "what if's" when we were first talking about foster care. I think just like most people, we were afraid of the unknown. I was worried about it "changing" our biological kids. Well I will tell you that it has. It has changed them SO much, but not in the way I was worried about! It has helped them see EVERYTHING in a different light. It has made them stronger. It has made them appreciate everything they have. It has increased their ability to love and their knowledge about life and consequences of the choices they make in life. I was so afraid of change and what I didn't realize is that change can be wonderful. Change is necessary to move forward and for growth. Growth we sometimes don't realize we even need! I truly can't imagine our life without ALL of our children. I know they were lead to our life for a reason. I sit here in tears and think about, What if I didn't call back to ask more questions about the two teen girls they asked us to take in 9 years ago after I said NO WAY and hung up in fear for our four little children ranging in age from 1-7. (I will start with that full story as my first blog post;) I will tell you that when I called back the more they told me didn't help me feel any better because it was A LOT to overcome. But that didn't matter, because I felt an overwhelming love in my heart and butterflies in my stomach as I listened. I have come to understand and recognize that as the spirit from above that prompts me to see things on a higher level. I get answers and also the courage to choose to welcome new children that are sent to our little home with loving open arms, and from there, it hasn't stopped and I'm thankful and amazed at these kids sent here. I've learned that life can change in a moment and I never expect my day to go as I have planned anymore. I've learned that even when things don't seem possible, if it's meant to be, against the odds it will work out. I've learned that you HAVE to trust that little voice in your head and do things sometimes when even those that are closest to you logically and lovingly try to talk sense into you.Our life is always an adventure. We need more good, normal, busy families to open their hearts and homes to these kids in need of love and a family of their own. Holidays are coming and some kids write to Santa and pray to Heaven only for a family to love them. Foster care, it changes lives. Not only the child in need but YOU and your family too. There are kids waiting. Please follow me on my faithful journey. ~Tiffany